Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

The Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Group (SCPAG) provides strategic support for communication activities and products, together with media relations, research and outreach, in line with UNSOM’s mandate.

Strategic communications and campaigns focus on the state and peace-building process, reconciliation, security, preventing and countering violent extremism, development, civic education, women’s inclusion in political process, human rights and youth issues. 

With the goal of a free and independent media environment, SCPAG aids local media development through training on relevant issues such as journalists’ rights and responsibilities, ethical reporting, and the usage of latest technologies. SCPAG also leads media outreach activities, including pitching and facilitating media interviews and visits, and writing and placing opinion pieces.

SCPAG aids in the development of Somali government communications capabilities by leading strategy and development for communication campaigns, social media platforms and websites for various government ministries, and by providing training and additional support to key government partners.

As Chair of the United Nations Communications Group for Somalia, SCPAG works to develop communication campaigns that engage UN agencies, funds and programs, as well as UNSOM to “speak with one voice” to raise awareness of activities by the UN system in Somalia with donors, partners, and the Somali government and citizens.

Through a contracted service provider, SCPAG has full-service production capabilities for video and radio production, photography, newsroom duties, social media and print production, community outreach, research and polling/focus groups.


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