Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group (ROLSIG)

Towards a secure and peaceful Somalia – strengthening the Rule of Law and security institutions.


UNSOM is mandated to support the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Federal Member States (FMS) in their efforts to achieve peace and stability. Guided by UNSOM’s political goals, ROLSIG supports this task by:

  • Strengthening effective and accountable rule of law and security institutions in the framework of the Somali Security Development Plan and aligned with international standards.
  • Promoting coordination and collaboration among Somali security actors and between those and international partners.

Security Reforms:

UNSOM ROLSIG actively supports Somali security, defence, justice and corrections sectors reform. We work closely with the authorities to support the implementation of inclusive policies, legal frameworks and strategic plans to strengthen institutional capabilities, paving the way for a more effective and accountable security sector serving all Somalis.

Our work:

Supporting Somalia’s rule of law and security institutions is a core priority of the work of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). The Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group (ROLSIG) works through its six thematic components on a wide of efforts ranging from political, strategic to programmatic interventions in cooperation with UN agencies, funds and programmes.

ROLSIG Components:

To ensure access to state-level authorities and local communities, ROLSIG deploys its capabilities country wide including the federal level, based at the headquarters in Mogadishu, and in the field offices based at Kismaayo, Garowe, Baidoa, Beletweyne, and Hargeisa.

Strategic and Technical Advice:

At ROLSIG, our diverse team of experts collaborate closely to support Somalia on the rule of law, judicial and police institutions, security sector governance, maritime sector, DDR adapted to focus on reintegration, and mine action. We actively engage with national and state authorities, civil society, women, youth, and religious groups to promote accountable, effective, and people-centred solutions. Our expertise helps to create vital peace and security capabilities across Somalia, advise on governance, legislation and policies, deliver services in fragile and recovered areas, and support the handover of security responsibilities to Somali authorities.

Partner Coordination:

ROLSIG is a driving force in joining national and international stakeholders to foster integrated and coherent solutions for affordable, sustainable security sector development and good governance. Through strategic partnerships and coordination mechanisms ROLSIG supports the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States to achieve security priorities, by spearheading joint programs, leveraging expertise and inter-agency collaboration in support of key state-building reforms notably in policing and justice.

Gender equality:

ROLSIG actively promotes gender equality within rule of law and security institutions and advises on the integration of gender perspectives into governance and reforms, while advocating with federal- and state-level authorities for the recruitment and retention of women in security forces, including the maritime sector and justice and corrections institutions. ROLSIG also supports the establishment of capabilities to prevent, protect and respond to all forms of sexual and gender-based violence.


Antero Lopes
Director, Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group (ROLSIG), UNSOM