SRSG Keating joins Somalis in commemorating National Human Rights Day

27 Aug 2016

SRSG Keating joins Somalis in commemorating National Human Rights Day


The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) in Somalia Michael Keating welcomed the progress Somalia has achieved in promoting respect for human rights as the country observes National Human Rights Day. Three years ago today, the Council of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Somalia adopted the country’s first ever Human Rights Roadmap, and this year’s anniversary will be commemorated under the theme of “securing human rights in the electoral process” at a time when the country is preparing to implement a historic transfer of power later this year. 

Somalia has made major strides in the promotion of human rights in recent times. The federal government ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in January 2015 and has also adopted action plans to end the recruitment, use, killing and maiming of children in armed conflict. Other important milestones include the adoption of a national action plan for ending sexual violence in conflict and the enactment of the National Human Rights Commission law earlier this month.

"Every Somali wants and deserves full enjoyment of human rights,” said SRSG Keating. “Respect for rights and the rule of law is the best possible basis for rebuilding the country and building confidence between leaders and citizens. Somalia is making significant progress but there remains much to be done for enjoyment of human rights to become a reality for the men and especially for the women and children of Somalia.”

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) is supporting the federal government’s commemoration of National Human Rights Day in Mogadishu. UNSOM will release its first ever public report on the state of human rights in Somalia next month as part of its continuing efforts to support the promotion of and respect for human rights throughout Somalia.