Closing Ceremony of Eight-Day Training Programme

18 Dec 2014

Closing Ceremony of Eight-Day Training Programme

Mogadishu - The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has just completed an eight-day training programme for 11 members of the Somali Police Force (SPF) and two members of the AMISOM Police Component. UNSOM coordinated this event with funding from the Somali Peace and Reconciliation Trust Fund, contributed by Government of Japan.

This training is the second phase of training programme series as part of communications element of Somali Police Force Utility Mobility and Infrastructure Project. The digital radio system to be installed in Mogadishu soon was introduced and demonstrated during the course.

“I am very pleased with the technical skills on the use of communications equipment you have acquired from this training opportunity. This will help the Somali Police Force build a team that is skilled and equipped, one that can contribute to the ongoing restoration of peace and security in the country,’’ said UNSOM’s Police Commissioner Mr. Mustafa Resat Tekinbas.

Speaking at the event, the Director of the SPF Communications Department, Gen. Mohamed Wardhere asked for an increase in capacity-building programmes for SPF members so as to enable them to acquire technical skills in order to fullfil day-to-day operations.

“I would like to thank donors, the organizers and the facilitators for organizing this event, for the support they have provided to training our Police Force. Without their support, this training session would not have been a success.’’ said General Mohamed.

At the end of the eight-day training session, all participants were awarded with certificates.

Training Programmes on digital communications and utility hubs will continue in the new year.