Four more MPs elected to the Lower House in Baidoa

Muna Khalif Sheikh Abuu, an MP-elect from South West State at the polling center during the electoral process to choose members of the Lower House of the Somali federal Parliament in Baidoa, Somalia on November 26, 2016. UN Photo / Sabir Olad

26 Nov 2016

Four more MPs elected to the Lower House in Baidoa

Four more candidates were elected to the Lower House of Somalia’s Federal Parliament in the ongoing electoral process in the South West State.


In Baidoa, two women were among the four candidates elected on day nine of balloting to represent the Tuni clan, bringing the total number of women elected so far in South West State to 11. Those elected included Muna Khalif Sheikh; Dr. Sharif Sheikuna and former MPs Maryan Moalim Isak and Mohamed Nurani Bakar.


Ms. Sheikh garnered 41 votes from her Tuni clan, trouncing her opponent Mumina Sheikh Omar, a former MP. Ms. Isak was re-elected after receiving 50 votes, defeating her only opponent, Khadija Mohamud Isak.


Former MP Bakar was re-elected by his Tuni clan, receiving 43 votes of the 44 casted votes. His opponent, Safat Abdirahman Nurani, stepped down of the electoral race. Dr. Maye, on the other hand, secured a seat in the Lower House by defeating his competitor, Ibrahim Ali Omar. The former received 43 votes from his Tuni clan delegates.