Mogadishu University Students address the role of Youth in Peace-Building and Poverty Alleviation

18 Feb 2015

Mogadishu University Students address the role of Youth in Peace-Building and Poverty Alleviation

Mogadishu - Somali youth are expressing optimism that poverty and unemployment in Somalia can be reduced through quality education and youth empowerment. Local university students and experts on Saturday took part in a workshop in Mogadishu that culminated in a brainstorming session on the future of youth in Somalia.

At least 40 students from Mogadishu University took part in the deliberations that was graced by a Senior Communications Advisor in the Ministry of Information, Engineer Abdirahman Omar Yarisow.

The students singled out unemployment as the biggest challenge facing the youth. They also appealed for support in matters related to education.

Chief guest Eng. Yarisow said, “I wish to thank the youth who took part in this debate today and how they actively took part and I would like to urge them to be ambassadors for Somali youth who are not present here and the youth who will get an opportunity to watch this and they need to know that each and every Somali youth has to stand up for the youth rights because their unity is crucial and if they are united I believe they can do a lot,”

The workshop was organized by the Center for Youth Empowerment and Development (CYED) with support from the United Nations Support Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

The chairman of CYED Ahmed Osman pledged continued support to the youth by saying,
“We will try our level best so that we can develop the youth and that is why this program put a lot of emphasis on youth development so that they take part in peace building and poverty alleviation, because if you reduce poverty in the country then peace will come”.

Fourth year Finance and Banking student at Mogadishu University Kafia Sheikh Bashirat made a passionate plea to the youth to be agents of positive change.

“I wish to urge the Somali youth to take part in the ongoing development in order for us to get out of the problems we are facing. The youth have to actively take part in ongoing programs and to unite in order to bring change because I believe we can bring change,” Kafia stressed.