Remarks by SRSG Kay on agreement of intent to form new central Somalia regional administration

30 Jul 2014

Remarks by SRSG Kay on agreement of intent to form new central Somalia regional administration

Mogadishu - I welcome today’s event and the signing of a document stating intent and principles for forming a new regional administration in central Somalia, on behalf of the international partners represented here today, the African Union, European Union and IGAD.

I congratulate all involved on their hard work and patience.

This is another encouraging sign of Somalia’s progress to meet the goals set out in Vision 2016 and the Provisional Federal Constitution.

Every region in Somalia is home to all Somalis, and is very diverse. Today not every representative managed to attend this ceremony, but I hope that very soon all stakeholders will be at the table and part of this historic process. I urge in particular full participation by women.

The process of federalism is aimed at building a stronger, more united and peaceful Somalia. I am sure all the stakeholders will always keep in mind the interests of Somalia and all Somalis, while taking forward the implementation of today’s document. This involves giving and not just taking.

As the Special Representative of the United Nations and on behalf of the international community I have advised the Federal Government of Somalia to protect fully the interests of emerging and existing administrations when implementing today’s agreement.

The final determination of borders of future federal member states should be made in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution, including the role to be played by the Borders and Federation Commission, the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission and the federal Parliament.

The United Nations and the international community are ready to support this Somali-led, Somali owned federalism project. I wish you all success. Today you have taken an important step. There are many more steps to take on this road.

Eid Wanaagsan. Nabad iyo nolol.