Six elected in the fourth day of voting for Lower House seats in Jubbaland state

11 Nov 2016

Six elected in the fourth day of voting for Lower House seats in Jubbaland state

Another six members of the federal parliament’s House of the People were elected today during the fourth day of voting in Kismaayo, the administrative capital of Jubbaland state.

The newly elected members of parliament (MPs) include two women, Hawa Mohamed Adan who is the deputy Attorney General in the federal government, and Sahra Jama’a Ali, a member of parliament since 2011.

That brought the total number of women elected to seats in the House of People to ten nationwide since balloting for the lower chamber began on 5 November.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the support I have received. This is a victory not just for me but for all of us, to be able to represent my people at the Lower House,’’ said Ms. Adan.

The other victorious candidates included Mohamed Adan Ma'allin Ali, Mohamed Abdi Gandi, Adan Isak Ali and Mohamed Hassan.

“My aim is to ensure we come up with legislation to improve the human rights situation in the country. I will also work towards achieving unity and lasting peace in Somalia,” stated Mr. Gandi.

Voting in Cadaado, the interim administrative capital of Galmudug, got off to a late start last Thursday on account of logistical problems. Three MPs were elected on the first day of balloting for the House of the People in Cadaado.

Hussein Sheikh Mohamud, the chairman of the Galmudug State-Level Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (SIEIT), announced the initial results of the balloting process. 

The parliamentary candidate Abdirizaq Jama voluntarily withdrew from the race shortly after voting began on Thursday, citing personal reasons.

The incumbent MP Mahad Mohamed Salad pledged to work closely with the people to improve public service delivery after he was re-elected to another term in the federal parliament.

“For the next four years, we will be confronted with enormous challenges that require solutions. As MPs, we must do our part to provide answers to these issues and also achieve progress on security, politics and development. I am hopeful that we will be able to deliver,” the MP-elect said.

Voting for the remaining 33 seats in the House of the People allocated to Galmudug clans will resume in Cadaado tomorrow.