SRSG Kay's remarks at signing by Himan & Heeb of intent to form administration in central Somalia

6 Aug 2014

SRSG Kay's remarks at signing by Himan & Heeb of intent to form administration in central Somalia

Mogadishu - Acting President Mr. Speaker, Mr. Prime Minister, all protocol observed. I say that because I know time is short. I am standing in a dangerous place – between you and lunch.

The United Nations and the international community in general are here in Somalia to help you and support you with your state-building and peace-building. Today is a historic day, and I’m very pleased to be witnessing the signature of the third party to the agreement to form an administration in central Somalia. I would like to congratulate very much the leader of Himan & Heeb, Abdullahi Mohamed Barleh – thank you for signing today.

I have some messages which I would like to give to the leaders of Himan & Heeb, Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa, the three parties who have signed this agreement. I would like to encourage and urge you very strongly to reconcile, to attend the conference in a spirit of true reconciliation, and to focus on building trust and confidence between yourselves.

In a negotiation, you should give as well as take. In a negotiation, saying ‘No’ is easy; saying ‘Yes’ is harder, and the sign of a real leader.

I would urge you to always put the national interest of Somalia above the narrow interest of one particular group.

I truly believe, and the United Nations believes, that building a Federal Somalia is in the interest of your country. It will produce a Somalia that is stronger, more peaceful and more united.

The United Nations and the other witnesses to this agreement – the European Union, IGAD and the African Union – shall support, practically, the implementation of this agreement; we shall share some of the costs with the Federal Government of Somalia and other Somali entities. We shall give advice when needed and we shall always, always encourage you.

We as the international community, as the United Nations, cannot build peace in Somalia; we cannot build a new federal state in Somalia. Only you can do it, but we shall encourage you and work with you every step of the way.

Finally, I wish all the best to the new interim emerging administration in the central regions and I congratulate you once again for this very important step.

Thank you.