UN Deputy Special Representative holds security discussions with Somalia’s South West State officials

9 Aug 2017

UN Deputy Special Representative holds security discussions with Somalia’s South West State officials

Baidoa - The Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia Raisedon Zenenga held discussions today with South West state administration officials on the progress the state has made in the security sector.

Mr. Zenenga’s visit also focused on the ongoing construction of the new headquarters of the Somali National Army’s 60 Division and a military training base that has been supported by the United Kingdom.

“We have come here to see the progress that is being made in partnership with us and with international donors, international partners who are working with us as the UN, and with South West state to support many projects including the security sector,” Mr. Zenenga said.

The delegation toured the military facility and expressed satisfaction with the progress made  thus far.

Once completed, the facility will host military officers and train Somali security forces to strengthen them as they prepare to take over the country’s primary security responsibility from the African Union Mission in Somalia.

This is in line with the political agreement on a National Security Architecture that was signed by Somalia’s federal and state government leaders in April 2017. The agreement endorsed an inclusive federal institutional framework for a reformed security sector.

The South West state Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed Hassan Fiqi represented South West state President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan and briefed the delegation on the progress the state has made in strengthening security and tackling the humanitarian crisis induced by the current drought.

“We provided reports on the progress made by South West state since it was established.  They have appreciated the steps taken by the administration in the security sector, the military and the construction of the military facility,” the Minister said.

The meeting agreed to continue military and humanitarian support for South West state to help it solve the socio-economic challenges it currently faces.

“We appreciate the support we have received in building capacity of the police and paying the salaries of 600 police officers,” Mr. Fiqi stated.