UN helps train Galmudug State Assembly legislators to better serve constituents

28 Nov 2016

UN helps train Galmudug State Assembly legislators to better serve constituents

The United Nations has commenced training of Galmudug State Assembly members to strengthen their legislative capacities, as part of ongoing efforts to build nascent Federal State institutions in Somalia.

The training, conducted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Parliament Support Project, is taking place in Mogadishu from the 28th to 30th November, 2016.

Franco Sanchez, the Head of Governance and Rule of Law for UNDP said the training would explore and teach Galmudug State Assembly members legislative rules and procedures, how to conduct outreach sessions to gather public views, and engage with civil society.

“They are chosen within the community to perform their duties. They need to link with the citizens and bring back the citizens’ voices to Parliament. They are contributors to the dialogue, contributors to the peace-building and contributors to the solutions that Galmudug will have,” said Sanchez.

Describing the legislators as critical to the development of the Federal States and overall stabilization process of the country, Sanchez cited budgetary shortcomings, political instability and actions of the executive, as some of the issues that need the attention of the Assembly.

Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Maalin, the Second Deputy Speaker of Galmudug State Assembly, welcomed the UNDP-supported training, adding that it has enabled the legislators enact laws for the community and equip them with conflict mediation skills.

He said parliamentarians had played a positive role in stopping the unnecessary fight in Gaalkacyo region.

“Our motive is always one; to stop the fight and help bring about peace and coexistence,” said Maalin. “I led some Galmudug parliamentarians and we held a meeting at Gaalkacyo Airport for four days with the President of Galmudug to seek peace and stability,” he said.

Boosteeyo Jama Ali, the Secretary of the Constitutional and Reconciliation Committee in the Galmudug State Assembly, said women legislators are well positioned to mediate in conflicts.

“If women were majority in parliament, there would be no fighting,” Ali said.

Somalia is currently in the middle of an electoral process to fill seats in two houses of Parliament after which Presidential elections are expected to be held.