UNSOM radio drama promotes women’s participation in politics

3 Aug 2016

UNSOM radio drama promotes women’s participation in politics

A new political drama aimed at encouraging women’s participation in politics is up and running on various radio stations in Somalia. The drama is about a young, courageous Somali woman named Habboon, who is determined to embark on a political career with the aim of inspiring many other women to join politics. Habboon also takes on the task of improving the lives of people in her community.

The 10-episode drama series started airing on 8 July, and the last of these 15-minute episodes will be broadcast on 2 September on several radio stations across the country.

The weekly drama series depicts how Habboon wins the support of her friends to join politics, but her journey is not an easy ride throughout. She struggles to convince her parents and members of her local community and must go against tradition when she chooses politics as her dream vocation.

The educational and entertaining radio drama is airing on Radio Mogadishu, Bar-Kulan, Radio Baidoa, Somali Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and Radio Belet Weyne.

Each new episode is broadcast three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the day.

The episodes are also available online: https://soundcloud.com/unsom-somalia/sets/habboon-radio-drama