Somali Youth: The Voices of Peace and Hope

3 Aug 2023

Somali Youth: The Voices of Peace and Hope

Somalia’s youth are the driving force of its development and the catalyst of its transformation. They have faced many hardships and obstacles, but they have also shown remarkable resilience and optimism. As we approach International Youth Day 2023, we highlight their aspirations for the future and impactful changes they are making in society. 

Somalia’s future depends on the vision and action of its young people. On International Youth Day 2023, they will come together to voice their aspirations for their country. They want a Somalia that is free from violence, poverty and instability. One of the young leaders who embodies this vision is Shamso Mohamed Igaal from Belet Weyne. She works to provide education opportunities and empowerment for young people in her community. Read her inspiring story below: 

Shamso Mohamed Igaal is a young woman who has combined her passion for health and her dedication to social justice to create opportunities for others. She grew up in Belet Weyne, where she witnessed many young people struggling with poor education and health care. She decided to pursue a degree in lab technology from Plasma University, aiming to improve the health outcomes of her community.

After graduating, she worked as a healthcare professional at the Belet Weyne General Hospital, where she noticed that many orphans who came for treatment were out of school. She was determined to change this.

As the leader of the Somali Youth Civic Organization (SYCO) of Belet Weyne, she mobilized other young people and campaigned with community members to urge them to support young people in need of an education. Thanks to her efforts, many disadvantaged students were able to access quality education. Her enthusiastic advocacy and her strong sense of civic responsibility inspired many in her community to increase their efforts and help young people achieve their full potential.

Shamso exemplifies how young people can use their education and profession to help others succeed. She is a role model for many women and girls in the region, who aspire to use their time and energy to create opportunities for others.

Young Somalis are the leaders of tomorrow who can build a peaceful, prosperous and stable Somalia. On International Youth Day 2023, they will gather to discuss their vision for Somalia and their role in creating a peaceful, prosperous and stable future. Abdiqani Osman Yusuf from Galkayo demonstrates this aspiration through action:

Abdiqani Osman Yusuf is a young man who has seen the horrors of war firsthand. Born in a rural area of Puntland, he witnessed violence, displacement, and killings as a child. He moved to Galkayo city for education, but found himself caught up in another conflict between Puntland and Galmudug, which claimed many lives.

But Abdiqani did not give up on his dreams or his country. He continued his studies and graduated with a degree in economics from Galkayo Puntland State University. He also decided to dedicate his life to peacebuilding and youth engagement, believing that young people can make a difference for their future.

He founded Peacebuilding and Youth Engagement Center of Mudug, a youth-led organization that promotes dialogue and reconciliation among youth from both sides of the conflict. He also uses his writing skills to spread positive messages about peace on social media platforms.

Abdiqani exemplifies how young people can overcome conflict and violence and embrace peace and unity. He is a role model for many young Somalis who want to make a difference in their country.

Young Somalis are the agents of change who can shape a peaceful, prosperous and stable Somalia. On International Youth Day 2023, they will gather to discuss their vision for the future. Osama Adan Osman from Afgoye articulates this vision through poetry:

Somalia envisions a harmonious land,
Where peace dwells within, hand in hand,
A mosaic of colors, a diverse array,
Embracing the differences that come their way.

Education, the cornerstone of their quest,
Empowering minds to face any test,
From classrooms to libraries, knowledge shall flow,
Illuminating paths where young minds shall grow.

In bustling cities and tranquil villages,
The entrepreneurial spirit flourishes,
Opportunities bloom, like the flowers in spring,
Fostering the growth and prosperity they bring.

Oh, Somalia, land of hope and grace,
Embracing progress at a steady pace,
Through innovation and technology's might,
A future of possibilities takes flight.

Let justice prevail with its unwavering gaze.
Dispelling corruption and darkened haze.
Where the rule of law reigns and fairness prevails,
A society where every voice is heard.

Somalia envisions a land where all thrive.
Where health and well-being are kept alive.
With hospitals and clinics, compassionate care,
Nurturing lives and mending hearts in despair.

Oh, Somalia, your vision is bright.
Guided by stars in the darkest of nights.
With determination, your people shall rise,
Building a nation that soars to the skies. 

Osama Adan Osman