UN Representative for Somalia welcomes progress towards a political deal in south west Somalia

21 May 2014

UN Representative for Somalia welcomes progress towards a political deal in south west Somalia

Mogadishu – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia (SRSG), Nicholas Kay, met a delegation from south west Somalia led by Madobe Nunow, and urged all parties in Baidoa to reach an inclusive agreement under the leadership of the Federal Government.

Tensions in Baidoa remain as the leaders of rival political groups, Madobe Nunow and Mohamad Abdi Noor ‘Madeer’, pursue competing initiatives for either a six region or three region federal state in south west Somalia.

“My meeting today was in support of the negotiations led by the Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed. I welcome the readiness of all parties to engage in talks without pre-conditions to find a peaceful solution and I am pleased at the progress being made. I urge all parties to reach an inclusive political settlement that will open the way to the formation of an interim regional administration in south west Somalia, recognised by the Federal Government and supported by international partners. Under the leadership of the Federal Government all parties need to reach an agreement that respects the Provisional Federal Constitution and existing agreements. Ensuring inclusive governments in all interim administrations is also vital. This applies for the Juba Interim Administration (JIA) and for the future south west Interim Administration which, I hope, will soon take its place alongside the JIA.

“An early settlement and formation of an Interim Administration will enable international partners to engage fully with the region through the New Deal Somalia Compact. It will also clear the way for improved security and a more effective campaign against Al Shabaab. The United Nations remains committed to supporting the Federal Government’s peace-building and state-building efforts. I am ready to meet all sides in the search for lasting peace and prosperity for Somalis. Time is of the essence and I hope no one will stand in the way of progress,” Mr Kay said.