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New parliamentarians are sworn in during an inauguration ceremony for members of Somalia's Upper House and the House of the People in Mogadishu on 27 December 2016. UN Photo.

Sahra Yusuf Ege, the winner of a seat in the House of the People for Somaliland, gives a victory speech to delegates during Somalia's ongoing electoral process in Mogadishu, Somalia, on 25 December 2016. UN Photo.

Abdirisak Omar Ahmed, a law student of SIMAD University, said, "My desire is to see the restoration of the rule of law and that is what is happening now. The extension of the Electoral College to other regions other than Mogadishu is good for the stability of the country. I am pleased with the electoral process. The difference between 2012 and the current process, is in its inclusiveness."  UN Photo